Ask Avery Anything

A Woman's Journey through Midlife Dating 
By Maro Eliot

Who We Are

We are midlife women who question why dating at this time in our lives is so frustrating. We anticipate challenges but expect positive returns. We are open to finding that special man but when values are dissimilar or there is no attraction…

Single women baby boomers are back on the market and there are quite a number of us. How does a midlife woman re-enter the dating scene? For that matter, how does a woman not give up her desire to find a meaningful relationship when her dating experiences have been negative?

Is this your situation?

Have you tried any of the many outlets which promise to help you find your soul mate? Online dating services and social organizations all promise to help you find "the one."

Have well meaning friends fixed you up and left you wondering "what were they thinking?"

Have you tried to rekindle an old relationship and found the issues that disappointed you the first time are still there?


You are not alone!

Every woman has dating stories and while some are wonderful, others are more outrageous than the next. We try and make sense from these adventures but invariably end up repeating some behaviors.

We, as women, are strong, independent and intelligent. Many of us are disappointed and confused as to why the process of meeting a good man has become so difficult. It was much easier when we were younger. Is it us? Or is it them?

Here is the place to share, to discuss, to ask questions and to get answers.