Ask Avery Anything

A Woman's Journey through Midlife Dating 
By Maro Eliot

Are you re-entering the dating world in your midlife?

Are you finding dating discouraging?

Are you having difficulty finding a good man?

If the answer is yes, then Ask Avery Anything, A Woman's Journey through Midlife Dating is the book for you.

The adventures are my own and presented with humor and positive insight. Since I believe my experiences are similar to other midlife women navigating the dating world, I not only ask questions but seek answers.

My approach is to directly involve you, the reader, to vicariously journey with me and let's figure this out together. It is my hope that through this exchange you will find answers to your questions as well.

I have shared experiences from online dating, social organizations, fix-ups, speed dating, old lovers and new acquaintances. Intertwined are my candid feelings and comments. The questions I pose are universal and straightforward; they address real situations.

This website is for midlife women who have read my book. I hope you will post your comments and share your own questions and stories. If you haven't read the book yet…it's OK.

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